Copperwyn ist the large area of open graslands between the Camiten Stream to the north and the Fenoria Stream to the south. It is the largest connected region of Caramiza with only a single local government.   The area is relatively fertile and multiple large farms and pastures are located throughout the area. However, the amount of ambient magic is unusually low, causing people living here to be with little energy and motivation. People are not compelled to live here by choice and in fact try to move away as soon as possible. Art, creativity and spirit of invention is not present here. As such Copperwyn has the unflattering nickname "the dull lands". It is one of the most sparsely populated, non-mountaineous regions in all of Caramiza - Even less than the region of the Fenorijten Swamp.   But what do you expect from a region, where the most interesting thing are "giant boulders that maybe are moving a little bit"?


Copperwyn is covered in huge grasslands, rarely broken up by streams. Most sources of water are underground, regularily replenished by the common rain storms during the year.   The monotony of endless grasslands and fields is rarely broken up, besides the occassional farmhouse, windmill or market. There are a few copes of tress dotted across the grasslands, usually grouped around a small pond gathered in a local depression. More riveting are the giant boulders spread across the grasslands, standing alone but often having a trail pointing to the west as if they had just slid of the mountains in that direction.

Localized Phenomena

The wandering stones are large boulders which apparently are slowly travelling towards the eastern sea. They are massive in size and do not seem able to tumble or be moived, however they each have a distinct trail visible pointing towards the west - suggesting a slow movement east. A few mildly interested researches are trying to measure their exact position to determine if this movement really exists.
Alternative Name(s)
The Dull Lands
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