Scholar of Manedir

A Scholar of Manedir is a member of Manedir's Council. They are professional but often temporary politicians, working in the Council to create and debate laws and giving advices to the city's mayor - or in the case of the capital Bealuki directly to the regent.  

Becoming a Scholar of Manedir

The Council was originally a hereditary profession, but during the past one and a half centuries its structure has changed significantly. After the Riot of the Harvest Holiday it was decided to have a third of the council be elected for a term of five years. During the last seventy years, several positions have been bought by wealthy merchants.  

Hereditary Scholars

Any direct relative to a Scholar of Manedir has the opportunity to become a Scholar next term in replacement of the current Scholar. The have to be off age, have a finshed basic education and their predecessor must have named them as successor. If the current Scholar of Manedir dies before naming a successor, the usual rules of heritage apply. The families still represented in the council consider themselves the original, political elite of the nation.  

Aqcuired Scholar

If a family falls on hard times they are allowed to sell their right to a council seat. If a Scholar of Manedir dies without any heirs, the seat can be bought from the regent or the mayor directly. This was originally intended to let the position move from one old family to the next, but in recent decades more and more merchant families have bought their places. The right to a council seat can be traded freely. Once a new term begins, the current holder will be appointed to the Council and become a Scholar of Manedir.   Due to the rules of the council, selling the right will immediately cause the person to vacate the seat. The new owener cannot be appointed before the next start of term. They still need to prove their basic education and have to be off age, to sit in the council. If they are not able to by the end of the current term, the seat will be vacated the next term.  

Voted Scholar

The last group of Scholars is regularly voted by the population of the city. They may announce their candidacy half a year before the new term at the earliest and a two weeks before the vot at the latest. The vote will be a week before the Vow to the Bell. Every citizen is eligible to a candidacy if they are off age and have the necessary education.  

Rights and Privileges

Every member of the council has to live in the Council District <Working Title>. There are no exceptions and everybody is provided a modest house with a small servant staff. This is both a schock for the heirs as well as the voted in people, as the former are accustomed much more luxury and the voted in often none at all.   Once being appointed to the council, they each have the right to bear their own coat of arms. If they are an heir, they will take over the coat of arms from the predecessor. People not having a coat of arms at that point are allowed to create one of their own chosing. It has to include the symbol of Maned, the crest of the city they rule in and a symbol alluding to their original profession.   They all have a small scepter with a flat top on it. Carved in beneath this lid is their own personal coat of arms, which they can use to stamp and seal official documents.
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