Theolin Freyfeder-Liri

Liridian Theolin Freyfeder-Liri

Theolin Freyfeder-Liri is the famous Liridian whose leadership avoided bloodshed during the Harvest festival Riot and who became the first Liridian in the sense of being a permanent member of the council and master of their proceedings.  

Notable Skills

Theolin was a skilled bureaucrat and had a solid understanding of organization and procedures.   His abilities to negotiate and to emphasize with both sides of a discussion was well known, especially after the events of the Havrest Festival.   He was magically adept and was taught a few spells with a focus on perception and persuasion. Notably, he had mastered a spell to sooth large groups of people.  

Personal History

Early life

Theolin was born in a small, insignificant village south-east of Bealuki. His family was connected to the council but nowehre near line of succession. Nevertheless, his father encouraged him to get a solid political education.   When he came off age, he started a career as bureaucrat and was able to move to Bealuki, where he worked in the Lirinian Tower.   He had a passion for singing and was regularily practicing with a group of likeminded people. There, he learned some stage based magic tricks to grab the attention of people and make them more open to your performance.  

role in riot

During the events of the Riot of the Harvest Holiday, Theolin was working as the head Liridian in the Lirinian Tower.   He was concerend about people he knew in the angry crowd and sought to help negotiations take place again.   In doing so, he was able to control and lead the group of people to the meeting place of the council without violent incidents. With their large numbers and his current reputation as loyal servant of the council, he was able to facillitate negtotiations.   His role in the violentless resolution of the events was directly recognized by the regent.  

later life

Theolin became the first liridian in the council and his position was created as a specific rank.   He ultimately served two consecutive terms directly after the riot and was well liked and respected.   He gained a lot of respect and inlfuence in the diplomatic quarters and became a head negotiator in trade negotiations for the regent's family.   Close to the end of his life, he served a third term as the fourth Liridian, beng the only person in history to serve three terms in total.  


Theolin died at the age of 68 after a short illness.  


The Position of Lirdian still helds powers reminding of his actions on the day of the riot.   In the Lirinian Gate is a overlife sized fresko of him.   His house, located in the Sunblessed District became one of the first general schools for political science and negotiation within Caramiza.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Aligned Organization


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