The Liridian was originally the rank of a custodian and main bureaucrat in the Lirinian Gate. After the events of the Riot of the Harvest Holiday, it was recognized that Theolin Freyfeder-Liri, the Liridian of that time protected the council by taking leadership of both the rioting people and the defending guards and organizied negotiations. As a result, the role changed fundamentally and became the title of the Manedir's Council leader of procedure.   Any Liridian will carry the suffix -liri in their name for live. They have to reside in the Lirinian Gate during their tenure and are priviledged after their time to continue living in the Sunblessed District - the only people not active on the council that are granted this honor. The influence of any Liridian - active or not - should never be underestimated.  

Duties and Privileges

A Liridian's duty is to manage the council and protect the peace and order of their city. There are Liridian in every city with a council, but typically when talking about the Liridian, people refer to the one in the capoital Bealuki.   In cases of emergency he has the power to overrule the town's mayor and command the city guard. He only needs a third of the council to grant him these rights.   A Liridian is is granted access to very powerful and secretive magic that can soothe and sway masses of people into calm and obedience for a short time. Most of this magic is artifact based but they will be trained in magic and taught certain spells of their own.   In the past Liridians have been caled upon when there was an unsolveable dispute. To avoid aggression, the Tauschwart would pass jurisdiction to the Liridian in this specific case. The Liridian will then coordinate negotiations, investigation and refer their findings and results to the council and the regent.   Since they are a member of the Council, in states of emergencies they can effectively become executive, legislative and judicative in one person for a time. As such there are certain laws that may never be changed by any Liridian without the approval of at least two thirds of the rest of the council.  


Every seven years, the next Liridian will be appointed by the church of Maned, the only member in the council to be appointed this way.   The Liridian to be appointed will be selected by his predecessor, and has to be vouched for by at least five people working with and for him. None of these people may be members of the council or the church at this time.   The candidate must undergo an interview and perform a specific loyalty pledge in front of the Handelsgut Bell during the Vow to the Bell.   The current Liridian has some rumors following him to be biased towards the Whitesteel Inc organization. But as they succeeded with their pledge in front of the handelsgut bell all should be well. Although this was shortly after the incident were the bell suddenly started to sound dissonant.


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