Sunblessed District

The SUnblessed District is the name of a certain walled off Area in Bealuki. It is the renowned center of political education and discourse in all of Caramiza as well as home to Manedir's Council as well as its members.   Has only three gates, one of which is the Lirinian Gate. The other two are regular gates that are only open during the day.  

Origin and Purpose

The District was officially designated as a politcal area after the events of the Riot of the Harvest Holiday.   One of the effects being to create a walled of section that can be defended in emergencies. However, many regents saw the value of having an educated people and decreed the district to be open for everybody to visit, to trade and to learn during the day.   As such it quickly developed from a simple Diplomat's and Council Quarter to offer multiple places to freely wander and debate, to hold speeches or to gather and educate each other in various topics. Today, it is the modern exemplaric center of government and free political discourse and education in all of the nation.   "Sunblessed" is a nod to Apac, deity of regents and of the day.  

Noteworthy locations

  All over the district are several smaller buildings for public debate. They are half-open pagodas with sitting benches before a podium for the speakers. Any citizen can come here during the day and participate in debates to various topics. Often, single Scholars of Manedir will be in the crowd and listen. These places are also often used for politcial education and many wealthy families send their children there in groups.   The wall around the district has three gates: The Apacian Gate which is a direct connection to the regent's palace grounds across the river; The Manedian Gate which is opening up to a great market; and the Lirinian Gate, which is basically a repurposed bureocratic tower.  

Style and Atmoshpere

The Walls and most buildings are made out of Sabes' Marble, giving the area a very disticnt white-and-sparkle look.   Many public areas with well tended greenery are distribvuted throughout the district. They invite to enjoy good weather and wander leisurely among the trees and bushes.   There is no central market in the district but multiple high class stores can be found everywhere. The only sounds you hear during the day are not the cries of market tenders but the passionate debates of educated people.  

Relevant Rules and Laws

  Within the walls of the sunblessed district, you are free to speak your opinion and not be prosecuted because of it. The only exception being calls for violence or calls for revolution against the regent, their family or the council.     Only the Scholar of Manedirare allowed to permanently reside here. Only moderate houses with a set staff of servants are provided.       Two neighbouring districts hold many artisans and the extended families (and "clans") of the council
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