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Lirinian Gate

The Lirinian Gate (formerly known as the Lirinian Tower) is a famous burecratic building in Bealuki. It is the main center to process formal request by all citizens and to grant change sin status based on these applications. Furthermore it also acts as as gate to the Sunblessed District, one of three and the only one to be open all day, even though it can only be used by Scholar of Manedir during the night.   The head of operations in the building is the Liridian.   Many people confuse the rank and the building and mispronounce it as "Liridian gate", which has become a well known joke in the town. Buildings with similar functions in other cities are in fact called "Liridian Office" and it is unclear, if the distinction was intentional or not.  


The Lirinian gate is the place to request permits, as well as citizenship in Caramiza. Here the prepared Copperbound Contract for each newborn person in Bealuki are sealed and given out.  


The building as first build roughly 100 years before the events of the Riot of the Harvest Holiday. At this point in time it was named the Lirinian Tower. It was named after Lirini, the deity of tradition and, by extended interpretation, of permits, processes, requests and paperwork.   Afterwards, it was used as a main gate for the wall which was build around the new Sunblessed District.  

main architecture

  The building consists of a large tower and three smaller side buildings.   The tower has a haxagonal base and five stories with decreasing diameter as well as a flat open story with a roof carried by seven columns - one in center the other at the corners.   On the ground floor, the floor plan is completely open and has large archways on three sides. Two of them lead outside of the Sunblessed District, the last one into it. All archways can be closed with strong steel gates. In the center of this main hall is a beautiful fountain. A fresko of the first liridian Theolin Freyfeder-Liri can be found opposite of the Sunblessed District's exit.   The three sidebuildings are two stories high. Two of them are directly continued into the wall for the district and have a small guarding garrison located in each of them. Within the sidebuildings are the only stairs to the tower's first story.   This structure is reused or imitated in all majoy cities in Caramiza, where the buildings are commonly knows as Liridian Towers.
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