Riot of the Harvest Holiday

Building up the pressure

For the longest time, the full Manedir's Council of Caramiza was purely hereditary, an oligarchy of elit families ruling to their own benefit. Over time, the general population had grown unhappy as several rulings and decisions were hard for them to understand or not helpful for their life at all.  

Setting the spark

The ruling was meant beneifical, a mandatory holiday during the harvest month for everybody down to the smalles worker to have a week long celebration.   Unfortunately the farmers who needed the time to actually do the harvest protested. They were met with a vague promise that farmers would be able to apply for a special permit to harvest anyway. This permit needed to be applied for in person, in time for the harvest in about two months.  

Summary of events

At first, angry farmers were pouring into the city, demanding to speak before the council, trying to get special permits to work their farms during harvest.   Furtsrated by uncooperative bueraucracy and long waiting times, the unrest as well as the number of unhappy citizen grew rapidly.   An organized group of farmers formed and demanded to be heard by the council. While there were negotiations, some entitled miscommunication led to anger the group demanding their work permission. Word of the bad treatment by the council spread amongst the many groups in the areas around Bealuki and multiple angry mobs started to march againts the council's meeting place.   Their numbers and some apparent display of magic led the city guard to pull back. The regent had given an order to call in the Caramizian Council Army.   Made aware of this call, the custodian of the main bureaucratic center of that time, Theolin Freyfeder became concerend about the safety of the people. He was aware of some relatives and friends in the angry group and felt torn between their safety and the duty he had to upheld towards the council.   Theolin apporached the mob closest to the Lirinian Tower and with some well chosen words and a some exceptionally strong soothing magic, he managed to gain leadership of this specific group.   He organized the group and led them calmly to the regent's palace, while having multiple other groups join him. To ease negotiations, he also commanded several of the city guard to join and protect the farmers from outside attacks as well as reign their angry behavior in. Remarkably, theer were no violent incidents and up to this point, nothing worse than minor injuries and some property damage had occured.   After reaching the regent's palace, Theolin was able to demand negotiations including the head of council, the head of church and a local Tauschwart. He appointed three leaders from the people and gave them a frame for negotiations. Astonishingly, the regent himself let proclaim that he agreed with the proposed proceedings.   While the negotiations where set up, he commanded several others to seek out othe rgroups and guide them to the place of negotiations.  


The negotiations were succesful, not in the least to several direct interventions by a very impatient regent.   The special holiday was celebrated but without the ban on work in this week. It was much smaller than anticipated and not repeated the following year.   The events led to the Government District being specifically definitey and walled in from that point on.   To get the peopel heard, the regent decreed that a third of the council will be determined by vote of the people from now on.   The Liridian was one of the first to be voted in, despite being a buerocrat - he served two consequitive terms and the position of Liridian became a permanent addition to the council.


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