The Tauschwart (pl. Tauschwarte) is a highly respected office in Caramiza that rules over any trade-related disputes. The office originated out of the Church of Maned and is an accepted judiciary in trade-related matters, as decreed by the Regent of Camariza himself. Even though the office originated from the church, it is neither affiliated with it nor with the official government offices. The society of Tauschwarte prides itself upon its neutrality and they believe themselves to answer to Maned himself as well as to the people they directly serve.   The role of a Tauschwart was first held by a priest of Maned. Especially in Caramiza it was custom to have an appointed priest present when sealing important trades, to have them legally binding. In 830, a decree by the Erzzeuge of that time created the office of a Tauschwart as a specific part of the church. After the schism from the main church of Apac around 1300, the Tauschwart was declared independent from the church in general.   Whenever there is a dispute between parties of a trade, a Tauschwart can be called by any of the parties. He will hear the arguments from both sides and settle the dispute based on the laws of Maned and Caramiza equally. He will speak judgment and this sentence will be written down in the local council house's scrolls. This judgment in itself is final and cannot be further disputed - other than the normal judiciary system, that has multiple instances. Both participants will be paying for the Tauschwart's services, but the Tauschwart will adjust the payment based on the poorer party's finances. As such, the Tauschwart often works for a simple meal or a place to stay for the night.    

Additional Details

Before the Tauschwarte adopted the Handelsgut Bell as a symbol to mark their final decisions in 1259, they used to tie a knot with a cord and pour molten metal over it to seal it. To this day, being highly determined to do something is described as "sealing his mind with a metal's knot".
Not every village has its own Tauschwart. Instead, there are groups of Tauschwarte traveling the lands, often following the market tenders on their routes.


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