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The Loss of the Travorgan

Once upon a time, the Garruw of Agarruta Drey had a very shiny rock called the Travorgan , and then they lost it.   Well, if the stories are to be believed, they actually gave it away, but what kind of idiot would give something that important away?   (Their names were Rorzid and Yrzderi. It's arguable that they weren't idiots, but it depends on who you ask.)


The original myth states that a young Garruw girl and her almost-mate (engaged, in other terms) were entrusted with the Travorgan stone in preparation for their union. They were meant to care for it as if it was their future offspring. They did so with great care.   Then came a great storm, a falling of stones from the sky. The community was in disarray. The two dragons explored, and among the stones they encountered a place of great fear. They survived it, though, because of their great love and because of the protection of the Travorgan.   On the other side of that terror, they found Humans, born of strife and suffering and yet surviving. They saw this bravery, and as a reward for what they saw, gave over the Travorgan to preserve them. The two garruw then returned home, braving terrible dangers without the stone, but yet still protected by the love they shared.

Historical Basis

Based on what is known of history at that time, this is clearly a retelling of something that happened when the [ship] crashed on Thaiterra. Two garruw investigated, found the humans in great difficulty, and either willingly gave or were tricked into giving the Travorgan which helped the humans survive.   The protections offered by the Travorgan are intriguing, because they indicate that this was in fact a piece of technology. There are two trains of thought in this matter. First, that it was a crucial piece of the ship's shielding that had fallen off during the crash and was found by the two garruw and returned (possibly replacing an actual Travorgan stone). Second, that it was an artifact from an advanced civilization that had either made a home there previously or had simply left something on their way past.   In either case, whatever it was, the Garruw left the Travorgan with the humans, who used it to help seed the first Dome.


The myth is widely known, but mainly is told in Agarruta Drei (where it is assumed to have taken place, considering the presence of the humans there).

Variations & Mutation

Most garruw outside of Agarruta Drei learn a slightly different tale, in which a band of shady tricksters swindle the foolish dragons out of their prized possession. Like the original, it is their love that protects them on the way home, but it does paint them in a slightly less adventurous and compassionate light.

Cultural Reception

Most of the Garruw see this as kind of a silly story, believing the version where the Travorgan was lost out of carelessness, but they would never say that to the face of someone from Agarruta Drey.

In Art

This particular event is well recorded in sculpture, and particularly in song. There was, for a while, a very popular tune that spread, but it went out of fashion.
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