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The Missing Mirror

A single Glimpse, Divina's voice,

Whispered words anew,

"Seek my Glass and you will find

The secret that defies you."

  The legend of the Glass of Prophecy has been told ever since the first seer Glimpsed her fate. According to the myth, the Glass will show the viewer the true nature of any person, place, or event in time. For seers used to attempting to disentangle the vagaries of the future, the ability to see it with crystal clarity is a powerful lure. Over millennia, many seers have reportedly been told to seek the Glass, but so far no one has reported seeing it as the first seer did, and its whereabouts remain a mystery.  

Source of the Legend

Brendana Iivanal is credited with being the first seer, and spoke of a mirror she saw in the Glimpse. In her vision, the mirror showed her everything she asked to see, though she noticed that cracks began to form in the glass the longer she looked. Taking them as a warning from her goddess, she ended the vision and conferred with other seers for their insight. Many came to the conclusion that Divina was telling her that the mirror was somewhere on Dálnaes and needed to be found. Though it is believed Brendana did, in fact, see the location of the Glass, she did not speak of it or the specifics of what it showed her, instead warning that to look into the true Glass would break the viewer's mind.  

The Legend's Reach

Although the Glass of Prophecy has been told of throughout the world, few care besides seers and other followers of Divina. One group, called the Fateseekers, travels the world in search of the artifact, chasing down every small mention that they can get their hands on. Their leader, a seer named Anasha Soria claims Divina herself instructed her to find the Glass.  

Appearance in Literature

Almost every book involving Divina mentions the Glass at least once. One particular book, A Glimpse of Fate, describes both the Glass of Prophecy and the Tapestry of Fate in intricate detail. Many of its readers believe the author must have seen both legendary items, but as the book was written and shared anonymously, no one has been able to verify the book's source.  

Appearance in Art

The Glass has been depicted dozens of times over the centuries. Many images of Divina portray her either looking into or standing next to a mirror. The mirror varies in size and shape, leading to many differing descriptions of the Glass' true appearance.

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