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Na'arin's Grimoire

The necromancer god's most potent spells

"You are going to get yourself killed. I absolutely forbid you from going!"

Torren gently grabbed his mother's shoulders. "I love you too, mom." He forced himself not to turn away from the moisture gathering in her eyes.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered.

"Think of what could we do with the power of a god. I could give you so much more than this." He gestured to their tiny, drafty home.

"There is a reason he hid it away. The information in that book is forbidden!" Her voice hardened and Torren pulled away.

He shook his head and grabbed his travel bag. He would not argue this with her again.

"Goodbye, Mother."

  Na'arin's Grimoire is rumored to be a collection of the most powerful necromancy spells, sigils, and rituals, written by the god himself. Some believe that with it one could:
  • Weild an army of undead
  • Unlock a portal to the underworld
  • Command an army of spirits
  • Or even summon the god himself to this plane once more

Historical Basis

There is little to no evidence that supports the existence of the book. The Church of Na'arin houses some relics imbued with such strong necromantic magic that they truly believe these items belonged to the god himself, but they have not acknowledged the existence of any spellbook.  
It doesn't exist. Why would a god need a spellbook anyway?
— Random Citizen

The Search

Despite widespread doubt of the grimoire's existence, the promise of power, fame, and wealth has encouraged many to search for Na'arin's spellbook. There are three popular beliefs regarding the spellbook's possible whereabouts:  

1. The Necropolis

Some believe the book to be hidden in a long-lost or collapsed section of the famous Underground Necropolis of Necros. Church priests allow very few people to delve into the older portions of the Necropolis. However, occasionally people do find their way into restricted sections, only for their corpses to be found later.  

2. The Northern Mountains

Still others believe the book to be hidden somewhere along the Northern Mountain range, concluding that Na'arin would have chosen a safer hiding spot, and that if it really where hidden within the Necropolis, it would have been found by now

Most of the expeditions deep into the mountain ranges either succumb to the frigid temperatures or find themselves the victims of the Alpine Cat.  

3. Other

While most people assume the Northern Mountains, and particularly somewhere within Necros, to be the most logical hiding places for the grimoire, others argue that to be the precise reason the book would be hidden somewhere else, though few agree on where exactly in Wennovi or even all of Valayo that might be.
Major geography of Wennovi

*The Underground Necropolis of Necros is located in the capital city of Shivano, at the base of the Northern Mountains and is thought to run deep.


Theories and guesses abound, but there is no consensus on what Na'arin's Grimoire looks like, how big it is, or even what material the book is made from. Some rumors even claim the book to be bound in demon hide.

Most people believe the book to be written in the Ancient language, though this is also debated.
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Na'arin is the Necromancer God of the Underworld, a god revered in Necros, the only country that embraces necromancy.

Organization | Dec 29, 2021

Necros is the only country in Imbria where necromancy is legal


Underground Necropolis

Underground Necropolis of Necros
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A massive underground series of cemeteries, crypts, and ossuaries


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