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The Trident of the Deep, a Gadallatha Legend

And that's why Jinis has to go to warrior summer camp, right mama? So he can defend us from the Sahuagin and the big deep warrior monsters? One day when I grow up and get my fins, I'm gonna find the trident myself. That way he can stay home and play with us.
— Copa, age 5

Creation of the Trident

Shortly after the formation of the great existence, four guardian spirits dwelt in the darkness of the ocean depths. Locked into a vicious battle, they tested each other, searching to find the strongest among them. So great was the fierceness of their struggle that they tore holes through the planar fabric of reality, creating an opening to another place -a dangerous place full of hunger and hate.   Horrified, the spirits saw how the damage they caused threatened all forms of life in the deep ocean caverns, and swore to make amends for what they had done. Seeing the might and strength within the Tridon tribes, they each bound themselves to a tribe near each of the four planar tears, pledging their power and protection. But the ultimate symbol of this promise was the Trident of the Deep. Working alongside the great Tridon shamans, the four spirits forged this mighty weapon, imbuing it with mortal and immortal magic. The shamans and spirits traveled together to each planar tear. Even with the power of the shamans and the spirits, the Trident of the Deep was unable to repair the damage, instead they were able to create a seal over each gate, locking the evil inside, for a time.   Every year the Trident would pass from one tribe to another, carried by a shaman-selected champion, tasked with its use and protection. And every time the shaman would use the Trident to reinforce the planar seal, it absorbed some of the magic of the seal into itself, allowing the champion to unleash some of its terrible might onto the tribe‚Äôs enemies. During the annual great merrow migration, the champion would take the trident to the next tribe where it would stay until the next migration. And thus they lived in peace and safety as the trident passed for generation after generation.

Loss of the Trident

But this did not last. The Sahuagin, jealous of the Tridons might and strength, attacked the Gadallatha Tribe. The shaman cried out for help from the other planar tribes, but no one came. Torn between her duty to the Trident and her duty to her tribe, the champion stayed behind to defend her home, unleashing the full power of the Trident against the doomed Sahuagin. Unable to leave before the great merrow migration, the champion was forced to travel during the ocean bloom. On her way to the Ledaratha Tribe, a bitter Sahuagin warrior attacked the champion and took the Trident, leaving her body to rot in the deep ocean caverns.   Without the power of the trident, planar seals started to crack and demons slipped through the growing fissures, destroying the Ledaratha Tribe. Bitter and scared, tensions arose between the three remaining tribes. They broke the agreements of old, scattering to survive. Only the Gadallatha tribe remained by their gate, pledging to keep the monsters of the deep contained. But legend has it that the Trident of the Deep knows its purpose and, if found, can be restored to its power and glory; the old ways can be made new; the fourth tribe restored; the doors closed; and the ocean made safe again.
Tridon Legend from the Gadallatha Tribe  
Four Tridon Planar Tribes
Gadallatha, Savolsnatha, Ledaratha (destroyed), Ehnasnatha
Trident (Magic Weapon)
Create and Reinforce the Deep Planar Seals
True? It's probably a story spread by the local antique store to try and sell a rusty old spear.
— anonymous


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