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Legend of the Key

Deep in the bowels of Skyreach stands a great door made of enchanted iron. Beyond this door lies some great treasure, placed there by Heria. In this door is a large keyhole, that fits only one magical key, but the key is lost. The only hint of where the key resides in in an ancient story that has been told and retold since the creation of Dartar.


This legend tells of a boy who's parents and siblings had been consumed by greed and gold lust. This boy, named Faent, was deeply angered by the effective loss of his family and blamed their condition on Galgazar, the god of greed and fortune. Faent sought vengeance against Galgazar. The boy thought that if he could defeat Galgazar in hand to hand combat, the god's power on his family would be broken. So, Faent climbed the tallest mountain in Dartar, Skyreach, and cryed out his chalange to the world. All of the boy's angry yelling drew the attention of the great Lucid Heria who lived on the mountain. She offered to help the boy fight Galgazar if Faent brought her a basket of blueberries from the village of Yaltar. Faent thought this was a small price the pay for a lucid's aid and expected immediately. The boy then climbed down the slope fetched a basket of blueberries and climbed back up. When he gave the basket to Heria, she said that she wanted him to bring her a sack of fresh fish. Faent decided ti was worth the effort and climbed down to the The River of Flames and caught a sack's worth of fish. When he delivered the fish Heria requested firewood, which he brought her. This want on for many weeks each time the thing Faent had to bring was heavier and harder to find until finally, Feant had to push a boulder that was ten times his weight up the tallest mountain in Dartar. When he had done that, Heria gave him a single brass key, which she said would unlock the greatest treasure in the world. Before Faent could go looking for the door that the key unlocks, Galgazar finally came, expecting the boy's challenge. Faent realized that he had no weapons, only the key. So he stabbed at the ten-foot-tall god with his 5-inch-long brass key. Galgazar laughed, and threw the boy to the ground. Faent dropped the key and it fell off the north cliff of Skyreach. Realizing his mistake Faent tried to run, but the angry od knocked him down again. Faent knew that he had no hope of running, so with all the strength he had gain carrying things up the mountain he leaped up and struck Galgazar in the stomach sending his flailing off a cliff. When Feant returned home he found his family normal again, and in his happiness, he almost forgot about the key. When he went searching for it at the bottom of the cliff he couldn't find it. After months of searching, he decided that the key was not meant to be found. And thus the brass key to the greatest treasure in the world was lost, forever.

Historical Basis

According to any account that can be found this story is quite true. Of coarse the story has changed over the years, but the basic evens actually happened.


This story quickly spread across Dartar. Everyone was fascinated to hear about the young man that defeated the evil god of greed.

Variations & Mutation

There are many variations of this tale, some of them it's just different thing that Faent luged up the mountain. In others would additional characters are added.

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