Yaltar is a large town at the base of the mountain Skyreach . The people of Yaltar worship a huge creature called Naltar that collects the souls of the recently buried on every full moon. On the night after Naltar comes the people of Yaltar have a small festival where some people perform and some people sell things. In the center of Yaltar is a tower that is in the middle of a bustling market. The market is made up of stands with colorful cloth tops and people buying and selling a large manner of things. Also near the center is a stage were performers act and sing. Almost every day there is a performance.


A small force of soldiers defend Yaltar.


the town has walls surronding the inner section. in the center of yaltar is a large open air market, where people gather for festivals the night after Naltar vists the graveyard. on one side of the market is a large stage, which is used almost ever day. in the center of the market is a tower, which houses the government. there are some places for tourists up the side of the mountian.

Guilds and Factions

the most influencial guild is the one in charge of worship of Naltar.


many citizens of yaltar say that the town is where the first king of dartar ruled from.


yaltar is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Dartar. this is partly because of it's proximity to Skyreach and the The River of Flames. almost 800 tourists come the the town each year. when they do, they useually stay at one of the mountainside tourist resorts.


the town has grown throughout the years, and contains many differen style from many different times.


Yaltar is at the bottom of the mountain Skyreach.
Founding Date
some say as early as 250
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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