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The Legend of the Lost Lamp of Sariel

Once long ago, after the sacrifice of Eleleth, Septenary Sariel, came to mother Lilith and gave her a lamp to light her way through this dark world. It disappeared centuries ago, but rumors of its existence continue to this day. Or so is the legend explains the origin of The Lamp of Sariel.


Even before the luminous ashes of Eleleth scattered to the winds, the Septenary Sariel appeared before mother Lilith, and gave her their mantle to dry her crying eyes. After he consoled her for her loss, they escorted her to the sacred cave known as the Living Shelter.   The Septenary manifested their lamp into the material world. Its light didn't just illuminate the cavern, but revealed the forming twelvefold souls coalescing from the Luminary's sacrifice who would be her children.   Mother Lilith smiled, knowing that her savior's sacrifice would not be for vain and that he would be reborn through her twelve children.   The Septenary gifted her the lamp telling her that it would light the way for her and her children so long as they never strayed from the path of wisdom.   She considered giving the lamp to her twins Micaiah and Aridatha, her first born son and daughter, but instead entrusted it to her third child, Jasher, whose family were entrusted with keeping its light for the benefit of the world.

Historical Basis

The Lamp of Sariel is first referenced in the Prayer of Ilum-aha in 2008 BCE as a source of healing and wisdom kept in the temple of Uruk by their Keeper of Light. The text includes prayers to the Divine Light contained in the lamp.   The Canticle of the Unseen lists the Lamp of Sariel among the royal treasures of Taelyra Kingdom, which was the last Rephaim throne to fall during the Black Death. It recounts the story of King Ama-sin IV using the lamp to blind the solders raiding the Termarth Citadel. The account is corroborated by several first hand accounts that survived the end of the dark age. There have been no confirmed sightings since.


The Starblood believe that the Lamp was never in Taelyra Kingdom, and claim that it was hidden beneath the the Sanctified Monolith in Ireland.

Variations & Mutation

The Everheart believe that the Lamp of Sariel was created by Lilith rather than given to her by the Sariel.   The Bittergift teach that Jasher forged the lamp as tool to help his people survive.   The Silentheart story tells of the a conclave of Lilith with the twelve parriarchs   The Grimsoul tell of the stranger that Lilith and the twelve parriarchs found wounded on the the side of the road and nursed back to health who later revealed themself to be the Septenary Sariel, who then gave them the lamp to light their way through this world of darkness.   The Rootborn believe that the Lamp of Sariel is lost art that was once possessed by all the Rephaim and that it is contained in a lost grimoire.

Cultural Reception

Every Tribe of the Rephaim believe that the Lamp of Sariel existed in one form or another. Over the centuries, numerous expeditions have been mounted to uncover its secret hiding place.   The Dark Gentry who know of the legend tend to believe that the lamp was either destroyed or taken into the private collection on an Elder who holds it to this say.   Members of the Seelie Court who have heard the legend tend to believe that it was destroyed. They believe that if it still existed, their kind would be drawn to its power.
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