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The Lamp of Sariel

The Lamp of Sariel is a lost relic of the of the Rephaim most commonly believed to have been given to Mother Lilith by the Septenary Sariel not long after the sacrifice of Eleleth. It was a powerful arcane artifact that either went missing after the Black Death took the Termarth Citadel or it was buried under the Sanctified Monolith in Ireland.   For more in its origin and disappearance see The Legend of the Lost Lamp of Sariel.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The celestial light contained within the lamp was unlike anything recorded in elder history. It comprised of two rings of fire burning toward their center set 90 degrees to each other, and a radiant sphere of light that burned with a heavenly glow.   With very few exceptions, the lamp was exclusively held and used by the Mother Soteria of the Community in which it resided. The art of using it may have been a Gramarye of its own. They have kept the working of the lamp a closely held secret.   What is known is the effect it manifested. Anyone one in the warm glow of its light could not lie, deceive, prevaricate, or dissemble without being burned by its light. It also killed dark creatures and canceled out all black magic.


The lamp was one of the few relics believed to go back to the time of Lilith. It inspired pilgrimage to every site that housed it over its history until it disappeared.   Not only was it a relic of Mother Lilith but of the Septenary Sariel who in most versions of the tale of its origin manifested it into the material world from the Realm of Light. Few artifacts claim to originate from the Light, much less from the hands of one of the most powerful known beings in the Celestial Court. Its importance to the Rephaim cannot be overstated.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related ethnicities
Raw materials & Components
The Lamp consisted of an inner cylinder of amber and an outer cylinder of adamant capped on the top and the bottom with simple gold fixtures. Three ethereal chains hung from the bottom with enchanted jade beads attached to each one. Another ethereal robe rose from the golden cap which affixed itself to a gold ring.
No makers mark or tooling marks marred its surface. By all accounts, it is a manifested celestial artifact and what constructed by no elder or mortal hands.


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