Godking Awarnach

Godking of the First Men

So powerful our King has grown that the Four have bound him.
The first sought out a place between places to be his prison.
The second paid his life to build our King's Vesssel.
The third was to be forgotten alongside him.
And the fourth set out to make sure not even the Dead could speak of his location
May our words be heeded here and our King forgotten.
Originus los Awarnach, Translated from Hulm


Ser Abem lo Awarnach, better known as Godking Awarnach, is the fabled King of the First Men who guided his people to Solith around 3,000 years ago. There are no physical records of his existance outside of the Originus los Awarnach found within Bastion. Many cultures outside that of Humanity question his existence and believe him just to be a mythological figure used to excuse their warcrimes.

General Information

Divine Classification
Fabled Divine
First Men
Circumstances of Birth
The Originus los Awarnach speaks of him being born from the corpse of a dead Divine made of ice and flames.

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