Groultous the Mute

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Having lost his life in the war against the Unfallen, Groultous was shocked to have found himself alive and well nearly six-hundred miles away from where he had given his life protecting Shardholm. Lost amongst the dense foliage of the Gorgewald Forest and surrounded by beasts forgotten by time, it took Groultous several months just to escape the forest and nearly a year to traverse his way back to Shardholm without any maps or roads.
Once he arrived at the gates of his home city, Groultous realized that something was terribly wrong. He found that all of this time he had actually been mute. Worse yet, all of this time he had not even been alive. Unable to communicate and covered in the blood and filth of hunting almost daily, Groultous was shoved into one of the hidden prisons of Shardholm to be forgotten.
As of 9090, Groultous has remained in his water-logged prison. Still unable to communicate, surviving off rats and Rats he has been able to catch, Groultous has been slowly working on an uprising of the forgotten Unfallen left to rot underneath of Shardholm.

General Information

Current Location
He has forgotten.
Year of Death
Presented Sex
Male, but the parts have long rotted off.

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