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Shardholm Rats


Though not truly an organized faction, the Shardholm Rats are the collective name for the several gangs that run the shadowy parts of Shardholm. Most operate on a very loose hierarchal system that is also normally their downfall, but several in the past few years have begun functioning in a far more organized manner. Luckily for the people of Shardholm, most of these gangs are quickly dealt with by Her Lady's Military if they start to cause too much trouble.

Common Hierarchy


Normally the station held by children of the gang but is also known to entail the elderly, sick, or wounded that still may have some use. Mice are considered expendable in most scenarios and are often forced to claim crimes they did not commit so more important gang members do not have to do the jail time.


The most common rank amongst the gangs. No member will ever willingly say what gang they are apart of but all of them are proud to call themselves rats. It is through this mixture of hierarchal homogeny and fierce loyalty that makes the Shardholm Rats so hard to extinguish for good.


There is only one Captain per gang and each one must prove themselves worthy of leading the gang on a near-daily basis through unhinged violence, cunning plans, and gang loyalty. In some gangs, the rank of Captain switches almost as often as the old are slain and the new rise up in rank.


The rank of Admiral only arises when gangs decide it best for them to join together for a time. The Captains of the combining gangs duel one-another until only one is left standing. That Captain is then named Admiral and given control over the entire horde.

Rats Swim, Mice Sink

General Information

Illicit, Gang
Government System
Subsidiary Organizations

The Two Laws

Rat gangs are rarely in agreeal on pretty much anything. However, there are two rules that are deemed unbreakable by even the most anarchal of gangs.
Queen's Safe.
No slaves.

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