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Rotwood Rats


One of the larger Rat Gangs, the Rotwood Rats claim most of the Inner Dockside as their turf. They are well known for being the major importers of drugs and illicit substances and are often seen partaking in the very same substances. Due to their tendency to kill themselves from overindulging, Her Lady's Military believes them to be of little threat. Those that live or work within the Inner Dockside know far too well how dangerous these drugged psychos can be.


Like most Rat Gangs, the initiation process of the Rotwood Rats involves cruelty and violence. Those that wish to join are given heavy doses of Ichblood, a strong hallucinogen, and then repeatedly drowned and resuscitated along the docks. The survivors are then rounded up and given a feast to welcome them into the gang.

Drift Along the High

General Information

Illicit, Gang
Parent Organization

New Goods

After the disaster in 78th of Fall, the Rotwood Rats have started selling a substance known as Shadder or Shadiym's Piss to those well connected to the gang.


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