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The Abyss


No place within Haven has a bad reputation as the Abyss. This great body of dark, depthless water is home to the largest creatures known to exist outside of the Endless Ocean. These Leviathans, as they have been deemed by the locals of Seawatch, are the only source of Ichor found within Haven and are hunted specifically for this powerful substance.
But worse yet than the creatures that swallow boats are nightmares given life known only as Shades. Though only spoken of in passing or behind locked doors, Shades are believed to be wraith-like creatures that still the very existence of anyone who is submerged into the Abyss. Though their features and traits may be exaggerated to keep the populace scared of the dark waters, there is no doubt that these creatures exist and have taken much from the people of Seawatch, Bastion, and Telt.
The fishers came back today. You could tell by their faces something bad had happened. Something real bad. Then you heard the screams. The crying. Seems that young Massin boy fell overboard. They dragged him out with the ropes of course, but you could tell he wasn't the same anymore. Seems his mother had gone to see his return from his first sail. Poor woman knew she had lost her son to the damn Abyss. I can still hear that scream.
— Tanvik, talking to a patron of the Sea Shanty.


Those that have fallen into the black waters of the Abyss are known as the Shade-Touched. Emotionless, cruel, and prone to violence and suicide it is believed that no one survives a dip into the Abyss for long. A young boy, known as the Massin Boy by locals, was kept alive for nearly five years as a Shade-Touched. Very little records of this accomplishment were kept other than a journal titled, "The Massin Boy".

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