You are not from Caligus, you never were. The Muddle reaches past the darkness between the Realms and sometimes draws in the lost, the weary, or the broken. You remember your past like a faded dream, you remember even less of your journey through the Muddle. But you are here now and it looks like it may be for good.
Skill Proficiency: Choose one from: Arcana, Survival, or Insight.
Tool Proficiency: Choose any.
Language: Choose any two from your Realm of origin.
A wood-flesh bound tome filled with chaotic, surrealist art of your past, a noose, a mirror, a candle, outsider clothes, and a pouch of 15 coins from your Realm of Origin.

Feature: Wandered out of the Muddle
When you take this background, choose a Realm of Origin. You may play as any sophont and class from that Realm. Your time crossing the Muddle has made you part of it. Creatures from the Muddle will treat you as one of their own and may even come to your aid.


1: I get confused often and have moments where I lose track of time.
2: I catch myself humming melodies I do not recall the origin of.
3: I am sullen and quiet, as I often feel homesick for a life I vaguely remember.
4: I am overconfident when faced with danger.
5: I am obsessed with tasks, they keep my mind busy and focused.
6: I don’t talk about the past that still haunts me.


1: Protect - I must keep the Muddle from taking any more lives.
2: Vengeance - This realm took me from my home, I hate it with all of my being.
3: Broken - The Muddle took my will, I must find my place in the world again.
4: Return - I crave the chaos of the Muddle, a place without rules. I may return.
5: Order - I lived in a place without rules, only those with a strict code should survive.
6: Driven - I will return to my home.


1: Someone else entered the Muddle with me, I lost them but I know they are still alive.
2: On escaping the Muddle an elderly figure guided me to civilization safely.
3: I feel greatly attached to the settlement that I first arrived at and will protect it at all costs.
4: Someone speaks to me from the Muddle, I do not understand their motives.
5: I feel attached to the people of this realm more than I recall ever caring about my own.
6: I hate the creatures of the Muddle and will kill any I encounter.


1: I have a terrible memory and sometimes remember things that never happened.
2: I prefer solitude, even if it means risking myself or others.
3: I rely on intoxicating substances to keep the voices out of my head.
4: I assume the worst of people.
5: I have little control over my emotions, especially during tragedy or excitement.
6: I often talk outloud to the Muddle, disturbing those around me.

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