Soddens (/sod:ehn/)


The Soddens are accursed Deadfolk born from Acropolis in the Sea of Souls on Marus. They are described as the living dead dragged up from the depths to serve their master once more; adorned in the spectral aspects of the water-logged depths, including the creatures that may have fed upon them in death. These sophontic remnants have been twisted by the madness of a dying god and are all that remains of those who first perished to the Reliquary Sea... yet refused to fade into its depths. These reborn remnants of ancient Humanity emerge from the Flooded Acropolis at the center of the Sea of Souls to right a terrible wrong etched into their shattered souls. The life of a Sodden is often mysterious and fueled by the needs, desires, and mistakes of their previous existence. In many ways these Deadfolk live a double life; one life anchored in the past and lost to the present, with a second life bound to the present yet paying for the choices of the distant past.
Aye, I've met the mad god. I've gazed into his absolute madness, heard his broken mind's whispers, and watched as his blood poluted the sea with the very light it drained from they dying god. It is where I came to understand the truth of it all, came to know the forbidden knowledge I took back from beyond death's void...
We are all dead already.
Why should you cry?
— Comments of Doctor Vincent Haladrius, Overheard During Patient Procedure


The Soddens are a solitary people rarely seen to congregate in groups of more than two or three of their own kind. Yet all of these Deadfolk harbor a deep kinship for one another rivaled by no other Sophont on Marus. Their fellowship is one that goes beyond mere flesh and bone, unified by a quest for absolution that brings together the most unlikely of individuals in a stalwart sense of comradery.
Witnessing the death of a Sodden is required to know this secret.

Knowledge of Sodden customs and superstitions is required to know this secret.

Traveling to Half-Spire is required to know this secret.
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General Information

Average Height
5 to 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
100 pounds.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Sodden Naming Scheme

Sodden names are taken from a forgotten age before Caydon Rel ascended, they are distinctly human and some may see their influence among the other cultures on Marus. Many Soddens cannot remember their full names and instead, choose nicknames or titles as their moniker.
Male Names
Dorian, Edward, Julio, Quinton, Jacob, Anton, Eilan, Bembe, Reil, Neo, Jaden, Kingston, Juan, Hennrick, Marcellus.
Female Names
Adanna, Dalila, Clara, Alvita, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Jaqueline, Danielle, Grace, Jade, Emerald, Agathe, Gisele, Kadene.
Gloom, Sparrow, Redbeard, Hook, Larou, Swiftsail, Big Blue.

A Reclaim Echo

Soddens are born from the Echoes of Gifted who has fallen to the Sea of Souls. The dead reclaimed by the will of the mad god Acropolis to create the bodies of reborn ancients. These forms of pure magic require neither food, drink, nor sleep to survive and cannot die from the passage of time.


The sea itself will repel the Soddens by its very nature. The two are like oil and water, incapable of mixing and comingling together. They are thus able to walk across still waters like living ghosts.

Sodden Hulm

Sodden Hulm is the inheritence of Humanity's progeny and a derivitive of their ancestral tongue. This ancient language was adapted by the First Humans to travel to Marus and is now only spoken by these undead remnants and a scant few others.

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