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Treants are a unique, sophontic subspecies of Life Elementals that have taken root within Solith for so long they are considered native to the continent. Many Druids and Shamans spend much of their time studying these Elementals and even view the Ancient Treants as a primitive form of Divine.


Treants take the form of massive, multi-legged trees. Their outerbark has a shapeshifting property to it that allows them to communicate with other sophontic species by forming mouths and eyes. Though they are still fairly alien in their mentality, they have come to understand the creatures of Solith far better than most Elementals.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
The oldest known Treant has been around longer than history can recall.


  • Treant Motes are known as Seedlings.
  • Treant Fragments are known as Saplings.
  • Treant Shards are known simply as Treants.
  • Treant Cores are known as Ancients.
  • Treant Titans are known as Groves.


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