Divine Hierarchy

From greatest to least.

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Primordials are a theorized level of Divinity above that of even Titans or Exarch. With the limited understanding of Domains, it is easy to fall into the belief that there must be several Divines with such massive Domains that they are more akin to fundamental laws than anything else. One of the most commonly mentioned Primordial is an unnamed Primordial that is said to rule over the Domain of Magic itself. Though there is no proof of its existence, the way that magic functions suggest some form of intelligent design.
The belief in Primordials was only amplified when an entire Pantheon of these immensely powerful Divines was detailed in the holy texts of the Unseen Faith. These texts, found only on Solith, claim that these beings are so powerful that they are no longer fathomable by mortal minds. This belief is scoffed by most religious scholars but still motivates the lives of thousands to pray to unknown, unseen Divine.


Rarely encountered and seemingly always hostile, Titans are massive Elementals from time's long past. Their existence is believed to give proof to the Elemental Convergence Theory that theorizes Ravare was either once strongly connected to the various Elemental Planes or was invaded by them.
The most notable Titan in Haven's history is that of Bemyriq, a massive Earth Elemental that was comprised of marble. Religious text state that the twin brothers Argous and Urlog gained their Divinity through slaying and consuming part of Bemyriq and the Exarch Telia rose from her fallen corpse.


Any Divine that holds more than four Domains is given the title of Exarch. Most Exarchs are masters of Theurgy and have the skill to change the natural laws of entire continents. While Exarchs are known to share Domains with lesser Divine, it is rare for two Exarchs to share the same Domain without conflict. Unlike Titans which are only found within Ravare or , Exarchs have been recorded on nearly every plane of existence. It is believed that the vast population across the various continents of Ravare is the cause for how many Exarchs are able to sustain themselves within Ravare.
While most Pantheons are comprised of several Exarchs, the Nine of Solith is comprised purely of Exarchs. Considered a loose alliance between the greater players of the continent, this Pantheon is able to achieve things never seen before.


Divines that maintain more than a single Domain but less than four Domains are considered average Divines. This generic category encompasses nearly two-thirds of the entire Divine population and they can be found on every plane of existence, both Elemental and none. With Exarchs watching over them and Lesser Divine craving their power, these Divines find themselves in a constant battle for survival despite their immense power over the average mortal.

Lesser Divine

Divine that only have control of singular Domain are known as Lesser Divine. It is common for a continent to have several of these Divines running around at a frantic pace trying to grow in power or just survive. It is even more common for stronger Divine to view them as threats and wipe them, and their followers, from existence.
There are a few accounts of a Lesser Divine achieving Divinity without meaning to, forcing them into the massive chess game that mortals are not privy to without ever being explained the rules. These unfortunate few are often used as mere pawns or consumed by those above them.

Other Divine


Even among beasts there are forms of crude worship. Functioning in a manner more like Druidry rather than Arcana, Godbeasts use Theurgy on a more primitive level. While other Divine must practice and study to make the most out of their Domains, Godbeasts control their Domains almost instinctively. Of all the Divine, Godbeasts are the least understood by anyone other than their fellow Godbeasts.


Because of the immense difficulty of maintaining both a religion and one or more Domains, Divines have learned to grant similar Theurgic power to select individuals. These individuals, known as Angels, are granted an almost Divine-like control over a Domain but are still bound to the Divine they served during mortality. Archangels, Angels granted power by an Exarch or stronger, are often as terrifically powerful as a Lesser Divine.
Becoming an Angel does have its price. If an Angel loses control over their gifted Domain they find themselves cursed by the Domain they once used as a tool. An example of this would be the Archangel of Luck on Solith. When his Divine, Qurilion, lost control over his various Domains the Archangel found himself cursed with the worst luck imaginable.

Aasimar & Shifters

Angels have the ability to bless others in a manner similar to how they were blessed. They may choose to bless a single person or their entire bloodline. Those blessed by the Angels of a Divine are known as Aasimar and those blessed by Godbeasts are known as Shifters.

D&D 5e

The information on this page is only known in-character if you have Proficiency in Religion.

Quick Notes

  • Most divine power is earned through constant worship, the average Exarch has hundreds of thousands of worshippers while a Lesser God or Godbeasts may have only tens of thousands.
  • Shadiym is approaching a new classification of Divine much like Lady Death was before her fall. This rank would fall somewhere between Exarch and Primordial, but without the primal nature of a Titan.
  • If you worship two or more divine, none of them get the power.


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