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Dominating the center of the Solemn Expanse, the Scourgelands are a rugged badlands of mountainous spires, rivers of Blight, and entire lakes of Primal Decay. But worse yet are the armies of Mindless Unfallen that toil away at unknown machinations of an unseen overlord.
  • Each spire is actually a mountain of bone, Blight, and stone formed into a tower.
  • When the center mountain range formed, it lifts Scourge proper into the clouds to watch over all of the Scourgelands.
  • Mindless Undead here do not follow Lady Death.
  • Make a campaign to test new system based around the original Scourgelands, before the mountains.

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Scouts have only been able to gaze past the first ring of mountains that surround the Scourgelands leading to limited knowledge of the Scourgelands to actually exist. In its place are whispers about massive armies, flying beasts that breathe death, and even gateways to other worlds are spoken of in crowded taverns and busy streets.

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