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Tebious the Simple

Archangel of Innocence


Taking up residence within The City of Marble, Tebious is the Archangel of Innocence under Argous. Though he is not an uncommon sight within the Religious District of the city, he has been said to appear in various forms. Of these forms, his most common is a simple-minded man of undeterminant age. Stories say that those who treat him with respect in this form are blessed to have a calmer life.

Young, Simple, Ill, Old

The term inccocent is a bit of a nebulous one within the region of Haven with many willing to do nearly anything just to get through the next day. Luckily, Tebious' teaching claims that those that are under the age of 5, simple-minded, chronically ill, or decades past their prime are consired innocent in the eyes of Argous and are free from his ire.

Priests of Innocence

Within the City of Marble, very few priests claim to follow the teachings of Tebious but those that do are normally the inferm or elderly.

General Information

Divine Classification
Current Residence

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