Talveer the Purifying


Driven by a rage the has been fueled by two thousand years of sin, Talveer is the most destructive weapon Argous has. As the Archangel of Purity, it is her divine duty to cleanse the world of that which is deemed sinful by The City of Marble. Unfortanantly for anyone but most Manfolk, that means them.

Hunting the Hunters

Before the fall of Lady Death, Talveer focused most of her efforts on keeping the Solemn Expanse clean of Beastfolk and any Elves that displeased her. Now that there is a new plague found within her land, the Unfallen, she has refocused her efforts.

Pureborn Aasimar

Talveer is no stranger to the concept of blessing her priesthood to Aasimar status. In fact, nearly all Pyrepriests can trace their lineage back to someone blessed by her flames. These Pureborn Aasimar are prone to burning themselves out in combat so completely they leave nothing but craters where they once stood.

General Information

Divine Classification
Current Residence

Rumors within the Solemn

  • Some priests have said that their Lady Talveer has declared an unofficial war on the Unfallen residing within Scourge. She has even gone so far as empowering random travels to aid her in her fight.


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