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Frosted Expanse


Suffering an eternal winter, the Frosted Expanse is a land of frozen lakes, frost-shattered trees, and endless snow. Very few creatures are able to survive these conditions and those that do are never natural in origin. Only the Mentite call this Expanse home after the arrival of the Sunfade Glacier.
  • Has two massive pillars made of Primal Ice that are the reason the entire Expanse is frozen and inhospitable.
  • With the opening of portals, it is believed there may be portals leading to the Realm of Tombs.
  • The gaping hole between the two pillars is now the home of the Sunfade Glacier, a monolithic hunk of ice that is believed to be an Elemental Titan as is worshiped by the Mentite.

Fauna & Flora

Ice Elementals, snow-related animals, large wurm-like creatures with fur. A certain branch of 6-legged horses used by the Mentite. Need to make a name for Ice-Life Elementals and Ice-Earth Elementals.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Frozen Wound (poetic)
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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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