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To have a Wyldmind is a term used as both crude slang and medical diagnosis. While they often refer to the same issue, losing one's mind to the Wyld, the slang is almost insultingly casual to the actual symptoms of having Wyldmind.
Defining what truly having a Wyldmind is has several complicating factors. Foremost, each sophontic species (and even some non-sophontic species) that travels into the Wyld is affected differently. Additionally, it appears how religiously fervent you are also affects the disease. With those of a more self-serving nature surviving far longer than those that have dedicated themselves to a Divine.


Wyldmind is not so much a psychological illness but rather the name for a type of illness caused by the Wyld. The following sections detail and reveal the true variety of Wyldmind afflictions.


Any species of Eldish descent that enters the Wyld report hearing soft singing that calls for them to return to the old ways they left behind. The song they hear is always the same, an ancient lullaby that they cannot recite but also that they also cannot forget once they have heard it. Many say that this song, though none of them have heard it before, reminds them of their youth. The people of Wyldkeep have named it Narti's Song.
Resisting the song is always as simple as covering your ears and walking away, but those that find themselves swayed by Narti's Song and wander deeper into the jungle quickly have their sanity taken from them. Elves with Wyldminds are aggressive, cruel, and self-serving in nearly every way. They eventually return from the Wyld and attempt to convince others to join them. When this fails, they become violent and are quick to maim or even murder.

Greenrot Madness

Known about long before the arrival of the Eld, Greenrot Madness is an advanced form of Wyldmind that seems to only affect Solmite and the First Men. Its name originates from the belief that it was some form of fungus that drove people insane, not the jungle itself. The disease is fast, nearly silent, and always lethal. The time it takes to be infected varies depending on the general health of the person.
The first sign of infection is the veins changing a darkish green only a few minutes before the infected are given to Lady Death. Worst yet is when the body begins to function as if still alive. These Greenrots, as they are called by the people of Wyldkeep, then attack any living creature near them with wild abandon. If there are no living creatures, they let out a horrific scream and sprint deeper into the Wyld.


The less-lethal version that afflicts most other species. It causes violent impulses and paranoia alongside rashes blisters around the entire body. Garkith's have sagas relating to the illness that go back to when Solith was still young.



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