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The Wildling


Driven mad by the Wyld as her people did, Oul gave into her base instincts. Once the Eldualt Goddess of Beauty and Peace, she is now the Goddess of Beasts and Freedom amongst the Nine.

Mortal Form

Oul often takes the appearance of a young elven woman, naked and feral. Her hands twisted jagged claws of varying sizes and her lower legs slowly becoming hooves similar to that of the Centaurs. The beauty of the Goddess of Beasts is in sharp contrast to her animalistic features.

Divine Domains

Wilderness, Wanderlust, Beasts, Instinct, the Hunt.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A bestial pawprint, sunk into moss.

Tenets of Faith

No shackles. No cages. Fight for your freedom with tooth and claw. Never again shall we be bound to stone.
— Oul

General Information

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Beasts, Wildling, Goddess of Beastfolk, Goddess of Hunters, The Huntmatron.
Ruled Locations

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