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Archangel of the Hunt

Huntmaster of Oul

And forget not of the Huntmaster of our lady Wildling, the great beast of scale and fang. He who hunts not just beasts but also the men of the world. He who will forever stalk his true prey, the Goddess herself.
— Tales of the Nine

Ancient Hunter

Like most of Oul's angels, little is recorded of He-Who-Hunts-Men other than the accounts written by witnesses scattered across all of Haven. These accounts dating back nearly 700 years despite the short-lived nature of the Lizardfolk. Despite being in recorded history for such an extensive amount of time, not much was known about him until after he co-founded the Huntsman's Guild alongside Bargmir Thordvont and Elsym Briar in 983 BF and the following controversy.

Divine Domains

Divine Classification
Year of Birth
584 9674 Years old
Over 400 pounds.
Quotes & Catchphrases
He-Who-Hunts-Men's prey is quick, but He-Who-Hunts-Men will always chase her. There is no bond greater than prey and the hunter.


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