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Archangel of Death


One of the most feared figures across Solith, Consenser is the Archangel of Death under Lady Death herself. It's massive wings, scythe, and blue-fire lantern have become universal signs of death across the cultures of Sophonts of Solith since the arrival of the First Men. Consenor is responsible for extracting the Last Breath so that they may be passed on to Lady Death to be judged.


Very little exists relating to the origin of Consenser. The only culture to speak of it is the Crypt Priests of Bastion proclaiming that Consenser has always been with Solith but it was only given form at the request of Lady Death.

General Information

Divine Classification
Archangel of Death
Current Location

Tome of the Ten

The teachings of Lady Death state that those who were destined for greatness, but fail to achieve it, are given glimpses of Consensor long before the Archangel takes their Last Breath.

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