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Slaters are the native inhabitants of the growing village of Slate. After generations of working away at the Shardtooth Range, Slaters have become well-known for their stamina and work ethic across the Parched Expanse. Despite their location being fairly inaccessible, their valuable exports has kept them from being isolated from the outside world.
Holy Water
While Slate is technically a mining outpost of Graystone, Slater's culture follows closer to the ideals of those living in the Parched Expanse with heavy reverence for life, water, and survival. However, over the past ten years Slaters have gained the knowledge to force water into existence through Faith-based magic. This has allowed them to slowly shift away from the hard labor of mining stone and dirt to trade with Graystone and instead dominate the water-based economy of the Parched Expanse.
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