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Parched Walkers


As the most species diverse culture on Solith, Parched Walkers as a group are made up primarily of Mohnagi alongside Mohrites, Salt Dwarves, Grisgara, and rarely the Saheel. With such diversity, Parched Walker traditions and habits are rarely uniform but surviving the harsh desert wasteland that covers most of the Parched Expanse has lead to very similar ways of life.

Water Depedency

Water is the most valauble resource within the Parched Expanse making it the most common object to be stolen, fought over, or used as currency amongst the Parched Walkers. Coin minted within Seawatch can still be used but is often considered far less valuable.

Survival over Happiness

Many Parched Walkers are willing to give up anything to survive but one more day. Comfort, though nice, is not a priority within their culture or traditions. Some, such as branches of the Mohnagi, go so far as to actually seek out pain to help strengthen them for the harder days to come.
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