Family Fire

Come now, child, let's play a game,
watch not the flame.

Remember, child, you are not to blame.
Mommy just wasn't the same.

But we must keep the fire hot,
or else we might get caught
And have to put down what we already fought.


The only way to stop the dead from getting up is to burn them. This knowledge has been shared across nearly all of Haven as the only means of prevention the living have. Due to the importance of this knowledge, songs were created to help remind children to burn the bodies. Always burn the bodies.


The story was built in a manner that you can replace "mommy" with any name, title, or noun as required. Though rarely has it been sung about inanimate objects besides the occasional stuffed animal.
Particularly cruel parents may also adapt it to sing about the child when they act up, implying that they are "not the same" as everyone else. But this adaptation of the story is rarely found outside of Seawatch orphanages.


Originating from the Solemn Expanse, the song can now be heard as far South as the Parched.

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Cover image: by Damion Otter


Author's Notes

I took a bit of a liberty here on the prompt by transforming a "tale" into a nursery rhyme.

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