The Four Scrolls


Lady Antess of the Eye lay in her stone-wrought bed, her life fading away. Isaac Shard had fallen, just as many of them had seen long before this day. What they had not understood was their symbiotic connection to the Archangel. As he left them so did the health of his greatest followers. Lady Antess would not be the first Priestess of Inevitability to die today, nor would she be the last. In the end, the temples dedicated to the Domain of Inevitability sat quiet and empty with not even the corpses left behind.
But Lady Antess was not alone in her last days, surrounding her were a collection of scribes awaiting any last-minute revelations. Four scrolls were said to have been written that night as the Priestess stared into both the past and the future. Each one was bound tightly, inscribed with magic to ensure privacy, then transported to a different Capital each.

The Four Scrolls

The following information is based on speculation, but it is considered generally accurate.
  • The Scroll of Famine was delivered to the City of Marble.
  • The Scroll of Ancestors was delivered to Mohnag'Gra.
  • The Scroll of Beasts was delivered to Shatterhold.
  • The Scroll of Conquest was delivered to Shardholm.
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