One of the few remaining settlements within the Blistered Expanse, Fleshhole is the sacred city of the Pantheon of Slaughter (NEEDS LINKS). Little is known about how this city has survived so long without outside assistance.
May we feast on their gibbering flesh with our sharpened teeth. Let their gore baptize us in the name of flesh. Let the hunger consume you so that you may consume it. Kill the weak, eat the strong, and above all PRAISE THE SLAUGHTER!
— Fleshhole Warcry

Blood-Soaked Rumors

Whispers around the capital fortress of Shatterhold claim that the people of Fleshhole have survived through horrific acts committed upon the Unfallen and themselves. The claims vary from ritualistic suicides in the name of their violent gods to massive warparties that delve deep into the Blistered Expanse.


Carcass Priests

Lead by the head priests of Slaughter, Carcass Priests, the city of Fleshhole has very little in the ways of true government other than the belief that might makes right. It is not uncommon for the ruler to change several times over a month of time.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Flesh Hole.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

Cover image: Blistered Expanse by Damion Otter


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