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During the height of the Unfallen hordes the settlements of Haven were isolated from each other; seperated by unliving hordes of hunger and hatred. The only way during this time to trade resources from one settlement to another was using the vast smuggling network created before the Fall. Because of this, Smugglers were transformed in the eyes of the people from greed-ridden criminals to folk heroes supplying their children with food. Even after Lady Death's rebirth, many of these Smugglers are seen as champions of the people and are used to quckly transport goods.

Queen's Decree

- - 9086 of Rebirth
Lady Holm makes smuggling an illigal activity across the Shardlands. All trade must be monitored and equality of goods must be maintained for the betterment of the Shards. This law has done little to hinder the Smugglers but has allowed Her Lady's Military to commandeer goods for Shardholm.

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