The Barron

Lesser Divine of Resolutions


As Elias fell to return his Mother to her rightful place, the world lost the concept of Inevability. No longer was Solith forced to follow a destined path and so it plunged headlong into chaos. However, a group of Taskmasters, Fate-Seers, and Observers were able to force the creation of a new Divine in order to regain some control over fate itself. This Divine now goes by the name of The Barron, Lesser Divine of Resolutions. It is believed now that he wanders the various cities of Haven, deciding the fate of anyone who happens to catch his eye.

Resolution Domain

The Barron seemingly has the ability to warp fate itself in his favor, as recorded by the few scholars or scribes to encounter him. His followers dedicate themselves to his Domain to allow their resolutions to pass, no matter the consequences.

General Information

Divine Classification
Lesser Divine
Current Location
Year of Birth
9083 7 Years old

Cover image: by Damion Otter


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