The Endless March


After the Fall of Lady Death her church found itself nearly tearing itself apart. No one had previously imagined that Lady Death could be brought low, let alone slain. In desperation, the Church spent the first twelve years searching for information on what truly happened. Eventually, with the conclusive evidence on her continued survival the Church split into two groups: The Faithless that decided no divine was worth their worship and the Endless March who swore to worship her until their final days.

Tenets of Faith

Our Lady has not Fallen

Though she may have been struck down, she has not fallen from grace.

Through Worship, She Will Return

Only through our continued devotion to her will she return.

The Angels of our Lady Deserve Worship

Each four remain strong with her power and deserve worship.

The Nine are not to be Trusted

It would take the combined strength of the Nine to strike down Lady Death.


The Endless Blades

Hidden among their number is a growing faction that believes the only way to return Lady Death is to kill enough worshippers of Ram that he loses whatever power he may have over her. This has lead to several assassination attempts, both successful and not. Some take it even further and just kill in the name of Lady Death hoping she needs the souls of the innocent to bring her back.

Forever for Her

General Information

Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The March, Death's Fools (as crude slang.)

Quick Notes

  • The Endless March is a steep decline after several decades without signs of her continued life.

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