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Holm Plate

Relics of the First Men

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Holm Plate, or Hulm Plate as the First Men knew it, is a relic from a bygone age when the blood of Awarnach still ran strong within Humanity. At the height of the First Men's power, legendary knights would swear everlasting Hulm oaths and give birth to their unique set of Oathplate. Each suit of shimmering metal and hardened resolve was unique in its construction and purpose, mirroring the original Hulmsworn's heroic ideals and knightly iconography. These relics formed from Humanity's primal resolve for survival, empowered their wearer to perform incredible and inhuman feats fueled by their archaic tongue. A common misconception is that all Holm Plate is in fact plate mail, but each set is comprised of calcified will and resolve in an aegis around the wearer. This can take the form of traditional plate mail but has been known to appear as nothing more than stiff robes, well fitted leathers, or even the hide of a slain beast. Alongside each set of Holm Plate, there is always at least one bonded weapon that often holds magic just as powerful as the armor itself. The Hulmsworn became the First Men's most vital tool and weapon in their colonization of Solith, allowing them to fight back the Beastfolk hordes and even go to war with the indomitable Udrithi Empire.
Over the centuries, many of these First Men knights perished, but their oaths live on within their honored descendants. While any Human can call forth some power from a set of Holm Plate, only the Solmites can call upon the ancient oaths used in their creation. The magic once used to create these legendary relics has been lost to the annals of history, but modern-day Hulmsworn still exist. In Shardholm, proud Solmite bloodlines keep their ancestor's traditions alive by continuing to serve Humanity in the same role as their fabled knightly ancestor. These modern-day Hulmsworn serve the Shardlands as their society's strong foundation and has allowed the godless city to survive and compete with their rivals in the City of Marble. Shardholm's reverence and respect for Hulmsworn are why many today refer to these First Men relics as Holm Plate, a fact encouraged by the city's proud Historical Society. Their museum's Holm Plate Catalogue is said to contain detailed histories, depictions, and testimonials on every Holm Plate ever forged by the First Men. Carefully tracking each set's capabilities, limitations, and most importantly: the most direct descendant for each Hulmsworn House in Shardholm and across all of Haven.

Becoming a Hulmsworn is required to know this secret.
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General Information

Item type
Varies from 30 to 80 lbs.
Base Price
Alternative Name(s)
Hulm Plate, Oathplate, Her Lady's Finest.

Hardened Resolve

Each set of Holm Plate is not formed from metal, wood, or even leather but rather from the calcified resolve of the original Hulmsworn. The Hulm oaths used in its creation give form and power to each set of Holm Plate, and no two are ever alike.

Hulmsworn Oaths

The oaths that originally bound and empowered a set of Holm Plate are carefully kept secrets within their Hulmsworn House, and few outside a relic's direct line of succession are ever allowed to learn of them. Shardholm superstition has it that these oaths, in fact, hold clues to the unique weaknesses and faults found in each set.
Knowledge of Shardholm's Nobility is required to know this secret.

Known Holm Plate Relics

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