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Scepter of Roseannia

First Men Heirloom

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One of the rarest First Men Heirlooms on display at the Shardholm Museum, the Scepter of Roseannia has the ability to learn the history of any First Men creation that it touches. Supposedly, Lady Roseannia used this Scepter to blackmail, cheat, and betray those around her so that she could grow above them both politically and magically.
For several years upon its discovery it was used by Historians to retrieve detailed information on the artifacts they were able to recover from First Men ruins. However, the voices of Lady Roseannia still inhabit the Scepter and have been reported to twist information given by the Scepter to cause paranoia and mistrust in the user.
Add some items that it discovered as secrets.

General Information

Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
8 pounds.
64 inches in length, around 4 inches in circumference. Larger than the average walking staff.

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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