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Sunset's Final Fruit

A Collaborative Work of Krurnistal Xen’alza & Elias Dods.

Physical Description

Not many folks will bear witness to the strange, mythical fruit that grows upon the base of the cliff sides which face the sunset in the Motionless Land. Standing tall upon the orange landscape, it is the only plant life able to invoke the green color of familiarity within this place. The leaves boast it’s green without care, looking almost as if a mirage sprung forth from the mind. Atop the adorned shoot sits a prickled, uninviting bud that forms slowly over time to a grandiose fruit arrayed in the colors of the sun.


A rare sight indeed, the Sunset’s Final Fruit is most often found by the acrid aroma given off by its budding fruit. Though, those who walk the hours of dusk may find a gentle glowing to be an easier method of tracking this elusive plant down. The sensations upon approaching the plant cause many beings to turn and leave it alone, though a wise sophont may remedy the situation with a cloth to plug the nostrils. Upon harvesting the fruit from the stem, the aroma dissipates and the stem later desiccates.
A wise sophont, one more than likely trained in the natural world, would know that casting aside the rind of the fruit would be a certain waste. Instead, pressing the rind beneath enough pressure releases the similarly sickly smell from before, and grants the individual a moderate amount of liquid that helps in the treatments of wounds, rashes, and external ailments. It is ideal to have cloth bandages on standby for the sickly smelling waters, as it pours quickly and can turn to vapors even faster.

The Bleeding Flesh of Fruit

With a successful harvest, one is left with a beautiful, and quite unfriendly fruit roughly the size of a human head, with variable fullness or rotund girth. Upon breaking the tough rind from the flesh, a sweet liquid spills from the pulp of the fruit, shifting colors in a magical display of oranges, reds, and yellows. Delightful to sample and suckle as the juices can be, the true pleasure comes from a feast upon the flesh within. Sweetness to eat, and satisfying to the stomach, with never a sensation of sickness from too much consumed. Tavern owners across Haven covet the fruit for the flavorful extract made from its pulp.

Scientific Name

Bolaeri Herpfiticae

Key Characteristics
Cliff Fruit, Dusk Glow, Sunset-Colored Flesh, Delectably Sweet, Medicinal Antiseptic.

Locations Found
On westward facing cliffs in the Jagged Expanse.



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