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The Roaches

When Mupunko was destroyed in the War for Thaouta, very few survived. Those who weren't lucky became known as the Roaches, people who were hit with raditation blasts so powerful their bodies began to decay and alter in shape and form, becoming people who scuttle around in the dark, looking for their next meal like an insect. They have become a scavenger group of people who don't trust one another and often fight who gets the last can of beans. If anyone passes by Mupunko, their best bet is to run the second they see a roach.  

Death and Memorial

Death means nothing to them. If a roach has managed to become part of a "cluster" and they end up dying, the cluster will either salvage what they can from the body, whether for food or clothing, or abandon the person to the elements.  
Dress Style
All roaches dress similarly -- ragedy clothes with scraps of metal for armor. They have little care for their appearance other than to survive. In colder months, they dress a bit warmer and grow fiestier as food is even scarcer now.  
Food and Drink
A roach will eat just about anything you place in front of it. Even a healthy person walking by will look like a meal to them, and rotten, maggot-infested meat does not bother them.  
The tragic bombing of Mupunko hang over the Kourian Dominion's head today. Over 2,000 citizens resided within the lake town. What shocks the Dominion the most is who did this, and why? Many suspect the Zalgi Empire is responsible, but are we for certain? There have been no records or reports of the Zalgi Empire working on any new inventions that could cause such catastrophic results such as this.   The first clue comes in as radiation has been seeping out of Mupunko and toward the surrounding towns and villages since the bombing. Those who survived the explosion have shown symptoms of horrific burns, mutations, and high levels of radiation. This merely begs the question - what on Thaouta's green soil lead to this?
— clipping from the Aurora Times
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by Alexey Malakhov (Unsplash)


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