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Mupunko (Moo-punk-oh)

Mupunko is a small lake town near the northern part of the Nuvuspori lake in the Kourian Dominion. Near the center of the town is a citadel, where the governor, Will Lambert, resides with his wife, Vera Lambert. The town contains 2,122 citizens and is 266 feet above sea level with average temperatures running about 45* fahrenheit.  

Leadership / Noble Families

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Will Lambert

Species: Essetid
Age: 46-years-old
Magick Powers: Aqua   While he's been spoiled his whole life with rich parents, Will has a loyal heart to the Archstroansians. He believes that all oxlians and grosants are a threat to his community and works with the Kourian Military to keep unwanted "filth" out of his town.

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Vera Lambert

Species: Human
Age: 37-years-old
Magick Powers: N/A   Vera may be human, but she's a spitfire and willing to bark orders to get the job done. She is the wife of Will Lambert and the Governess of Mupunko. Despite their marriage on rocky ground, Vera puts in a lot of time holding charity events for the poor.

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Quick Facts
Founding Date:
5835 NE
Town, Lake
Will Lambert
Leader Title:
Parent Organization:


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As the weather is always cold and clammy and the smell of freshwater fish in the air, Mupunko is not quite a tourist attraction. In fact, its main importance serves as a stopping point between a couple of small villages and another lake town.  


The Docks: Where everything fishy, seafood, and aquatic is traded. It is always busy, even on the day of rest.   The Governor's Mansion: Home to Will and Vera Lambert. This place overlook the town and can be seen as the highest vantage point of the town.   The House Quarters: Broken into three tiers based on income. It is the place where everbody lives.   The Shopping Quarters: Wanting to buy something? This is where you go, from getting groceries to buying furniture.  
Key Stores
  1. General Store: Where the main local goods can be bought
  2. The Underground: A bar that welcomes everyone, regardless of species, gender, or sexuality. It is run by Cal's Uncle.
  3. Name: Description here
Other Key Locations
  1. Aiden's Apartments: Located in the Yushijan Apartments, the place is Aiden's home while he is on assignment.
  2. Cal's Home: Cal and Loke's home.
  3. The Residence: A vacant building that is often the local hangout for "junkies" as most would say.

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