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A Ghost, a Quill, and a Mockingbird

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-First Draft-
  Ghost has lived her entire life in an underground bunker on the planet Serus. The last of her kind after a swarm of vitians invaded her world and slaughtered her people, she spends her days in blissful spite where the vitians are unable to reach her.
  It's not in any way peaceful, of course, to hear the screaming from outside the bunker, but as long as she has her music and drink to keep her company, she figures she'll be able to live a nice, conflict-free life.
  That is, until her simple day-to-day life becomes a bit more interesting; a little more chaotic. Her god has returned, and he's not at all what she expected, nor does he seem all that keen on leaving her alone.
I want to thank Ren, Deacetis, and Natsume Rune for supporting me throughout this draft! Each has been tremendously lovely, and I couldn't have finished it without them!
I also want to give Ren's manuscript, Prophet Story a shoutout. They've been working hard on it, so go give it a read and support as they update!