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High Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Mystery

Battle Mage of Mehonoris: Book One

By Kiyomo

353 3 1 80197

The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has stood for generations as a forced pillar of unity. However, in order to maintain that unity against the various threats and dangers outside city walls a group of soldiers and arcanists were assembled....

Die Chroniken von Ishvara

By Govinda

106 0 0 18797

"It's our choices that define who we really are, not our heritage or our destiny. The truth is always up to us. We have to own it completely to find the freedom and the redemption we seek." (Govindas scripture)

As in Love and War

By JarionKornoka

117 0 0 778

You find yourself thrusted into a dangerous land of magic and war. Whose hand will you take? Whose life will you change? Can romance prevail in an era of war? Only you can make it happen.