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Evenacht: Snake's Den

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A dark fantasy serialized novel.
  Vantra, a Finder acolyte in the deathland of Evenacht, follows an anguished mental call for absolution. The silent plea comes from Captain Laken, a brazen butcher who slaughtered her Keel ancestors over four millennia ago. Death punished him for his earthly transgressions by sundering his spirit and hiding the parts across the Evenacht, and his head has languished in the Fields of the UnRedeemed ever since.
  While he is ready for Redemption, he does not think Vantra is up to the quest to unite his shattered spirit. How does she expect to accomplish what millennia of seasoned Finders could not? Self-doubt creeps in, but she proceeds with the binding ritual, one that will keep his head with her until they can put his spirit back together.
  Furious at her Choice, her mentor, Nolaris, interrupts the ritual and attacks her, sending her fleeing from her home with Laken and nothing else. She now must Redeem him without her tools or the backing of the Finder organization, a daunting task for someone on her first Redemption.
  With few allies and heavy with misgivings and questions, Vantra proceeds on her journey to recover Laken's hidden essence. Happenstance leads her to the first location; the Snake's Den, a cave in the wilds of the Snake Peninsula. Unfortunately, the hostile flora and fauna and the suspicious locals are not her only worries. Someone stalks her, and while she initially believes that Finder spies trail her, there are hints yet another entity wants to interfere.
  Vantra firmly believes every spirit needs Redemption. Death's punishment should never be eternal. How far will she go, to Redeem the unRedeemable?
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