Badeçasyon (bat-eh-say-shyawn)

It is up to us, to find our way home. No other will aide us in this endeavor. Death is as clueless as her people.
Eyne Dorsteldyn, to the first Gabridarço to arrive at Badeçasyon


Den Tower, towers by Mihai Vlasceanu Tanghe from Pexels
Near 100 years previous, the world of Sensour was invaded by a fleet of Gabridarço ships, led by General Thedeçe Suyove. They flew under the banner of the Flayn Monarchy, an intergalactic government centered on Gabridar, and one intent on conquering other worlds to gain valuable resources and wealth.   The Flayn saw Sensour as a fledgling space-faring planet ripe for conquest. General Suyove saw an easy victory over a planet with inadequate technology.   Neither anticipated Death.   Erse Parr killed the invaders who fought over the lands under Syimlin care, those leading the assault as well as those still orbiting the planet. Her action prompted other forgotten death deities around the globe to lend their support in defeating the invaders. Technology fell to the unexpected magical assault.
  The souls of those who fell were channeled into the evening lands of Sensour, including the Evenacht. Hundreds of thousands of invaders found themselves in the land of the dead, unable to speak the languages of the ghosts, floundering in unfamiliar cultures, forced to endure an afterlife created by a deity not their own. Hate followed them; the native Sensour peoples despised their invasion, and drove them from the civilized afterlife.   Badeçasyon was founded 52 years later, by a Gabridarço lieutenant called Eyne Dorsteldyn. He wanted a safe space for other Gabridarço dead, a place they could congregate, live without fear, and devise plans of escape. He chose the shores of Lake Neyfal, which marked the far edge of the Evenacht and the start of the Voidlands, a desolate landscape whose winds were rumored to send the deceased to the Final Death.   He built the Den Tower, the first building, a reflection of Gabridarço architecture and technology, even if he could not make an exact replica due to Evenacht tech limitations. He designed it to aid research into how the wayward spirits could reach their home planet, and therefore, their own evening lands. He invited his fellow invaders to join him, and many flocked to him, hoping he could achieve their desperate desire to return home.   More arrived, wanting safety and a sense of the familiar. Even more came, who had lost hope in the strangeness of it all, and did not know where else to go.   Death told them, if the opportunity arose, she would see them safely home, but nothing has come of it because, after the defeat, the Flayn abandoned their offense, and no other interstellar craft, commercial or private, has passed the planet. Sensour death deities have discussed options, but none know how to send the invaders back to their homeworld.   Some believe Dorsteldyn promised something in return for this help, and has yet to accomplish it. More believe him an opportunist, and wonder if he plans to subsume the Evenacht under Gabridarço control, accomplishing that which they failed to do in life.  

Lake Neyfal, orig. image by Stein Egil Liland at Pexels


  The districts of Badeçasyon are the towers; Den Tower sits in the center and the other twelve circle it. Many of the inhabitants stay in their towers, refusing to leave, even to traverse to the one next door. Dorsteldyn finds their despair aggravating.  
Den Tower
  • Population: 1765
Eyne Dorsteldyn, his advisors, and those most interested in his scientific endeavors live in the Tower. The top residential floor is Dorsteldyn's domain.  
Orange Tower
  • Population: 14843
  • named for the color most often seen in the sky over Badeçasyon, which many believe is the mark of Death's curse. Residence for those from Suyove's command ships who ended up in the Evenacht.
The Despair
  • Population: 24182
  • houses the most despondant spirits, who suck energy like a drug
  • Population: 7895
  • those who cannot use Physical Touch
  • Population: 10692
  • where maintenance people live
  • Population: 9663
  • for officers in the military
  • Population: 5272
  • markets on the bottom floors, merchant residences on the upper. They barter for materials needed for the Den's research labs
  • Population: 3560
  • home to those involved in researching/exploring the Evenacht
  • Population: 319
  • for high-ranking officers.
  • Population: 5352
  • inhabited by craftsmen and artisans, who are very good with Physical Touch
  • Population: 1635
  • houses equipment and those who know enough about Gabridarço technology to build and maintain it
  • Population: 3103
  • the tower serves as barracks for those who patrol and guard the gates into the city
  • Population: 1733
  • houses city leaders and those involved with the judiciary. Offices lower floors, residences upper

General Info

  Type: Metropolis
Age: 48 years
Total Population: 91274
Primary Race: Gabridarço
Districts: 13
Population Density: high (Avg 15.79 people per residence)
Land Area: 1674.55 miles2
Farmland: 589 miles2
Settlement Proper: 1.78 miles2
Attitude: Mistrusting and Sophisticated
  Dorsteldyn broke apart the native settlement of Endwervs and scattered the people into the farmland outside the town walls. He enlarged the space, and built Den Tower. Twelve other, shorter towers eventually surrounded it.


  Government: Meritocracy
Primary religion: Atheism
Urban Population: 90014
Rural Population: 1260
Known Criminals: 1341
  Most Gabridarço consider themselves atheists, since they refuse to follow the Syimlin. They see them as glorified humanoids with a few special abilities--but not gods. They question their own deities' abilities.


  Major Landform: Eolian
Landscape: sandhills
Water Features: Is near a Great Lake and a Wide River
  The land, rich in resources, would typically attract native peoples, but the nearness of the Voidlands keeps both the natives and the spirits away.


  Biome: Warm Temperate Desert
Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring
Winds: northeast to southwest
  While the area sees seasons, the changes are minimal and consist of a slow dropping, then rising, of temperatures. Rain occurs, but so does heavy winds blowing in from the Voidlands.


  Primary Building Style: Reinforced concrete
Other Building Styles: Cement, Stone, and Marble
  There are no trees for wood, so the buildings are made from other materials. Dorsteldyn cobbled together enough materials and resources to create a sophisticated tech hub dedicated to finding a way to return to Gabridar.

Infrastructure and defenses

  Primary Road Type: Cobblestone Roads
Secondary Road Types: Dirt, Sand Walls: Reinforced Concrete Wall Natural Defenses: Wide River  
  The Gabridarço are not the most popular group in the Evenacht. They placed a river between them and the evening lands proper, a way to protect themselves from the rest of the dead.


Stone Quarries

  Badeçasyon trades ores, precious metals, gems, for materials to build their various technologies.   They employ natives to mine, because so many Gabridarço have difficulty with Physical Touch. What these natives receive in return is a mystery.
The Column Complex Ruin, orig. image by Vincent Pelletier from Pexels


  Trees: None
Stone: Alabaster, Caliche, Slate, Limestone
Ore & Gems: Zinc, Peridot, Garnet, Topaz, Titanium, Zirconium
Cultivated Crops: Quinoa, Oats, Buckwheat, Cotton, Brussel Sprout, Beets, Spinach
Livestock: None
Wild Animals: Mice, Roadrunner, coyote
Aquatic Animals: Trout, Pike, Catfish
Grass: Pampas Grass Shrubs: Sagebrush  
  While spirits do not have to eat, the native beings of the Evenacht do. Before Badeçasyon, the area had several farms that exported food to the larger habitations. After, the farmers barely manage to feed themselves.

Special Features

  • Fossils: 6.66 miles northeast
  • Ancient Column Complex: 5.40 miles northeast
  • Ancient Shipwreck: 1.20 miles east
  • Amber Encased Creatures: 1.98 miles southwest
  • Insect Mounds: 5.51 miles northeast
  The ancient columns and the mostly-buried complex have no history other than being a ruin. No one claims them, native or ghost. Some wonder if it is a place from before the Evenacht became the Evenacht.   The insects are wasp-like creatures called ceur. They vary widely in size, with the largest reaching 3 stories tall. They hunt in the Voidlands, bringing back all manner of beasts to the mounds to consume. Where and how these beasts live in the desolate place, no one knows--and no one dares to study it.


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